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My name is Paul Knulst, I am working as a Senior Software Engineer and I want to welcome you to pauls dev blog!

I love to share information with everyone. In 2021 I started to blog on Medium while researching new technologies and working on interesting IT projects.

My blogging journey began in 2021 because I want to research new DevOps-related technologies (Docker, Docker Swarm, Traefik, Lets'Encrypt SSL, Kubernetes, AWS, GCP, etc) and want to share them with my colleagues and friends. Also, I wrote articles about Productivity, Quality, Programming, and Software Engineering.

Within May 2022 I reactivated my personal blog and transferred most of the articles from Medium.

I also created a newsletter that you can subscribe to here for free:

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If you want to support me (... and support the development of current and future tutorials) you can look at where I show several opportunities to do it. Furthermore, there is a discord link, a request for a tutorial form, and a contribute an article form.

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