Advanced React UI Components To Optimize Development Process

Advanced React UI Components To Optimize Development Process

Power-Charge Your React App Like Never Before With Mantine, TipTap, Syntax-Highlighter, and more

Today, I will bring your attention to 5 lightweight free UI components that can be used to enhance the user experience on your website very easily.

1. Mantine

Mantine is a fully-featured React components library that can be used to build fully functional accessible web applications. Furthermore, it includes several customizable React components and hooks with native Dark mode support to cover you in any situation. It is focused on usability, accessibility, and developer experience. Mantine is TypeScript based.

Screenshot of react component library homepage showing its features.

Find it on GitHub

2. react-easy-crop

react-easy-crop can be used to crop images/videos with easy interactions. It supports drag, zoom, and rotating images in any format or base64 string. Also, it supports every video format that is supported in HTML5.

Furthermore, react-easy-crop is a mobile-friendly UI component.

Screenshot of React component react-easy-crop GitHub project taken by pauls dev blog

Find it on GitHub

3. react-colorful

react-colorful provides a tiny (only 2.8 KB gzipped) color picker component for React apps (also Preact). With absolute no dependencies, it can still be used to have a cross-browser workable, mobile-friendly color picker that is built with hooks and functional components only. Also, the color picker is written in TypeScript and has all types included.

Screenshot of React component react-colorful project website taken by pauls dev blog

Find it on GitHub

4. React Syntax Highlighter

React Syntax Highlighter is a React UI component that enables syntax highlighting in any React app by integrating/combining two popular projects: lowlight and refractor.

Highlighting the code is done with Prism.js and highlight.js by using inline styles instead of altering the DOM manually or using dangerouslySetInnerHTML.

Screenshot of React Syntax highlighter project website taken by pauls dev blog

Find it on GitHub

5. TipTap

TipTap is a headless, framework-agnostic rich text editor that is extendable and based on ProseMirror. It enables full control over every aspect of a text editor experience. Also, it is very customizable, comes with a lot of extensions, and is fully documented.

Screenshot of React component TipTap project website taken by pauls dev blog

Furthermore, TipTap works with Vanilla JavaScript and is also integrated into several TypeScript-based frameworks (React, Next.js, Vue, etc…).

Find it on GitHub

Closing Notes

I hope you like these UI components and will use them in your next React project.

Also, if you have any questions, ideas, recommendations, or want to share your own awesome UI component, please jot them down below. I try to answer your question if possible and will test your recommendations.

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